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Sea of Thieves is having a technical alpha December 16 - 18, here's how to get a spot

Sea of Thieves is the first wholly original game from Rare in years - assuming you don't count those Kinect Sports mini-game compilations of course - so people are understandably excited

Game of Thrones season 7's Conor McGregor cameo rumoured to be as one of Euron's sailors

It looks like UFC champion Conor McGregor has added a new title to his list of honors: crewmate of the Silence in Game of Thrones season 7

Rocket League goes into space with new Starbase ARC update

Bet you, like GR+, figured that after expanding from football to basketball and hockey, there wasn't anywhere else for Rocket League to go

Hold on, this Baywatch trailer actually looks good. Like, *really* good

No clue how the Baywatch movie got the idea that it has any right to actually be good, but here we are enjoying its first trailer

Here's the 8 most horrific bits of the latest Resident Evil 7 gameplay

It's creeping ever closer, like that thing at the end of your hall that you've been able to hear dragging itself along but chosen to ignore (your door's locked, right?)

Which TV show has the most deaths: Game of Thrones or The Walking Dead?

Ever wondered what is the bloodiest show on TV? Which TV show has killed without prejudice, shuffling people off to their mortal coil faster than you can say ‘Hey, who was that guy?’ Well, obviously The Walking Dead and Game of Thrones top the list

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