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Deleted Star Wars: The Force Awakens scene finally shows Chewbacca ripping an arm off

Until now we'd only heard about the deleted Star Wars: the Force Awakens scene where Chewbacca rips someone's arm out

Game of Thrones season 8 could be longer than we first thought

You may have heard of a tiny show by the name of Game of Thrones ending after season 8 in 2018, and yet we still don’t know just how many episodes are left in the (presumably) shorter final season

Here's what's coming in the Resident Evil 7 season pass. Spoiler: It's not kittens

There's only a matter of a week until Resident Evil 7 unleashes its brand of first person nasty on January 24 and Steam has revealed at least some of what we'll be getting as part of the season pass

Star Wars will NOT recreate Carrie Fisher using CGI for next movie

Lucasfilm have confirmed that they will not create a CGI version of Carrie Fisher for either Star Wars 8 or Star Wars 9 in the wake of the actress’ death last month

See how fast Nintendo Switch switches

Nintendo Switch barely needs any time to transfer play from your TV to its built-in screen and vice versa, though it isn't quite instantaneous

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