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The next Halo 5 DLC enables level creation on PC while bringing new maps and REQs to Xbox One

Almost a year later, Halo 5: Guardians is still going strong with new maps, REQs, and features on the way

Call of Duty 2 has way better performance with Xbox One backwards compatibility

Call of Duty 2 is looking very, very good on Xbox One backwards compatibility

Transformers 5 relocates to the Isle of Skye to film the King Arthur part of the movie

Michael Bay's Transformers 5 is going to be an adventure unlike any of his other blockbusters featuring anthropomorphised robots

Titanfall 2's tech test is getting some big changes in time for the next session, here's an overview

The Titanfall 2 tech test was last weekend and fan responses were … less than enthusiastic

Stranger Things concept art is all 'Barb had it WAY WORSE originally'

Warning: this article contains spoilers galore for the whole of Stranger Things season 1 Netflix's glorious '80s sci-fi nostalgia trip Stranger Things continues to generate lots of excited chatter, most of which revolves around the fate of one specific character - Barb

Here's what you get in the Battlefield 1 Premium Pass

Battlefield 1 will enlist the French and Russian armies as part of its $49

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Sony PSP ISO file converter. Allow to compress / decompress CSO or ISO game files. Just drag & drop ISO or CSO file to start process. Required PSP custom firmware with .CSO file support (ex. Dark-AleX .m33, TN-A, PRO)

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