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Donald Glover is young Lando in the Han Solo Star Wars spin-off - commence freakout

Well, Lucasfilm just dropped one hell of a proton torpedo on us: Lando Calrissian, the only smuggler in the Star Wars galaxy who could hold a candle to our beloved Han Solo, will appear in the Han Solo spin-off film, and he'll be played by none other than Donald Glover

Destiny's Festival of the Lost begins October 25, here are 7 super-ghoul gifs from the trailer

Destiny's Halloween event is coming back for its third year and Guardians around the world are getting ready to exchange mass quantities of blood-candy for garish headgear

Two Destiny players just got enganged with a custom emote and in-game ring from Bungie

Bungie just did the most adorable thing for two of its biggest Destiny fans: an in-game proposal, complete with a custom love letter, ring, and emote

PlayStation Network's having issues as huge DDoS attacks continue

If you're having trouble logging into PlayStation Network, at least you're in good company

Nintendo clarifies: the Switch is the part with the screen, not the dock, and it has amiibo support

The Nintendo Switch is more handheld than household-inspired in its designs, with all of its main components housed inside the rectangular chunk of plastic with an LCD screen on it

Joss Whedon says he'd be down for doing a Star Wars spin-off

Joss Whedon, director of Marvel's Avengers movies and King of Killing Off Lovable Characters, has said that we would be interested in working on a Star Wars film

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